What is TCUP?

Tai Chi Union of the Philippines

Mission :
The Tai Chi Union of the Philippines (Union) is a non-profit organization geared towards the propagation, support and uplifting of internal martial arts and chi kung (qigong) in general, and tai chi chuan (taiqi quan) in particular. The Union is specifically committed to exemplify the tai chi qualities of harmony and unity among practicing groups, teachers and students towards the direction of mutual assistance and working toward common goal.

The Union envisions itself as the organization that would bring into harmony the Wushu International's concept of Tai Chi propagation and the independent traditional tai chi and internal martial arts organizations while respecting and accepting intrinsic difference. With this, the Union sees the marshaling of the energy of many individual initiatives that would result in an exponential growth in the practice of tai chi.


The Union is guided by the following beliefs:

1. that tai chi chuan is essentially based on the "Tai Chi Classics" attributable to Chang Sanfeng, etc. and should be the main guidelines to adherence to the art
2. that scientific findings and modern language and concepts can and should clarify the profound meaning of the Classics
3. that creativity in the formation of the forms of practice and conduct of activities to develop and propagate the art should be encouraged for so long as they do not veer away from the essential meaning of the art based on the classics.

General Goals:

The Union shall therefore endeavor to:

1. Bring practitioners into a bond of fellowship of members
2. Provide access to information that would not be conveniently available
3. Bring to affordability, expensive resources through sharing
4. Hold periodic learning activities for common upgrading of teachers and students
5. Accredit teachers/instructors for teaching competence to safeguard the interests of students and protect the good name of tai chi
6. Provide a venue and organization where practitioners can have themselves evaluated for competency and level
7. Participate in international events and activities that would redound to the member's benefits based on the above avowed goals
8. To seek local and international funding to find support for these goals.

Specific Goals/Tasks:

1. Formalization of the Union as a non-profit corporation
2. Organization of founding members
3. Membership generation in the teachers/instructors' and practitioner's classifications
4. Program for development of the 1st Philippine Tai Chi Competition (concept to implementation):

>>> Judging concept and criteria
>>> Judge selection criteria and training
>>> Venue
>>> Finance & Administration

5. Target international events for participation

>>> Strategy
>>> Policies
>>> Organization & implementation

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