Tai Chi Basics from ShaolinArts.com

Here is an excerpt from the
Shaolin Arts Student Tai Chi Ch’uan Manual


1. Five Animals of the Shaolin Arts

2. The Basics

  • Our Belief System
  • Systems of Energy — Chi
3. History

4. T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Health
  • Methods of Oriental Treatments for the Body
  • The Modern Viewpoint
  • The Traditional Viewpoint
5. The Three Stages of Learning T’ai Chi
  • First Stage
  • Second Stage
  • Third Stage
6. Related Systems

7. Self Defense

Swords Anyone?

Tai Chi Chuan movements also involve the use of weapons such as the sword. A weapon, such as the sword, becomes the extension of one's body and thus makes a Tai Chi form more challenging. I have posted a YouTube video from Tai Chi Healthways and some online articles about Tai Chi Sword.

* If anyone is interested in buying a sword, kindly write your contact information on the comments page. Lex, one of our readers, will be inquiring about how to get good quality swords that we all can use for practice. If there are practitioners who are specifically interested in Tai Chi Sword Forms, I encourage you to form group! You are welcome to use this site as your hub!

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Thank you AGBATET for sharing this interesting video.
You are right, the movements are similar to our very own martial art called "Arnis".



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