Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop with Chris Vogel

Watch the short video I created. Enjoy!

Things I learned from the Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop

Along with 2 other fellows from Iloilo, I too traveled a long way to Manila to attend the Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop with Mr. Chris Vogel. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshop.

I made a list of what you need to know during push hands training.

1. A bottle of agua. To quench your thirst.
2. A towel to wipe the sweat away!
3. Extra shirt

1. Loose-fitting dark shirt. Crew-neck is good.
2. Comfy pants. Shorts are okay, but for ladies I think you'll prefer pants.
3. Good pair of sneakers. High heels are definitely out!

1. Listen to the Sifu's instructions carefully first then execute to check if you have understood them fully. If you do it at the same time as the Sifu does, there is a big possibility that you will miss important points.
2. Clear your thoughts. When I say this I mean, do not think about "beating" your opponent. Have the "intention" but lose the ego!
3. Always keep the correct stance/posture.
4. Use your creativity. Don't be scared or hesitant. Sometimes, you don't even need to think... just feel and things will just follow.
5. Learn to trust yourself. The self who feels. Not the self to preoccupied to "beat" the opponent or "resist" the force.
6. It's good to learn to defend but practice aiming at your opponent too... for me this is the most challenging part.
7. Be open. Practice with the same and the opposite sex. Not because your opponent is a girl, it doesn't mean they are weak and your practice will be boring. Also, it is during practice that you will learn push hands... by being open, you won't miss those chances to learn.
8. Take your time and be patient. It is okay to be slow as long as you understand what you are doing. It doesn't matter if you look good. What matters is what's happening inside you... being good at push hands practice is a process. It doesn't happen with a snap of a finger.

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Registration period

Nakikinig ba lahat? Hanapin kung sino ang hindi :)

Dapat may prize ang early comers!

Push hands with Mr. Chris Vogel

Lunch at Kitaro

Lecture and demonstrations

More demonstrations

Practice with a partner.

Class picture! Parang hindi napagod.

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