You are invited to attend a Tai Chi Event this Saturday! (FREE ADMISSION)

Tai Chi Union Philippines (TCUP)
cordially invites you and your whole family to a free

Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Other Internal Arts Exhibition

This Saturday, October 27, 2007
12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM

World Trade Center
(Expo of Beauty & Fitness / Spa & Wellness)
Buendia St., Cultural Center Complex, MM

1. Taiqi Sword (Wushu Competition Form)
2. Li Fan Tai Chi
3. Silk Reeling & Standing Qigong & Form & Push Hands (Interactive Lecture)
4. Tai Chi Broadsword
5. 13 Form Tai Chi
6. Yang Fan Tai Chi
8. Chen Tai Chi
9. Sun Tai Chi for Seniors (Interactive)
10. Yan Tai Chi Chuan
11. Medical Chi Kung
12. Pentagram Chi Kung
13. Taiqiqian (Wushu Competition Form)


Tai Chi pictures of Rudolph Petalver

Pictures of Rudolph Petalver and his students.
Can you see Rudolph and Dr. Paul Lam side by side? (lower left)

Interested to attend Rudolph's free and paid classes? Click here.

A Call for Participants and Volunteers: TCUP Needs You!

For those who are interested to participate on October 27, 2007 at the Beauty & Fitness Expo (World Trade Center). Please sign up ASAP. We are open for more demos. Don’t be shy. Please contact Ed at 09175491949 or email me at :)

Confirmed presentations on October 27 include:
1. Medical Chi Kung
2. Silk reeling, Standing, Push hands and Chen style demo
3. Pentagram Chi Kung and Tai Chi Fan demos
4. Competition Taiji Quan & Jian
5. Tai Chi for Elderly & Arthritis

Volunteers? Anyone? TCUP needs you.
1. A design crew (minimum of 2, maximum of 4 persons) to set up booth on October 24 at 8:00-10:00 am
2. Persons to man the booth on Oct 25, 26 & 27 (1-2 person/s per day, 11am-3:30pm shift A and/or 3:30-8pm shift B).
3. Tai Chi people to help with administrative, secretariat, and treasury work for the union.

1. Design crew and volunteers who will man the booth (Shifts A & B) will be given free food/snacks plus transportation allowance.
2. For those who would like to donate in cash or in kind, please contact Ed at 09175491949. Thank you.



PTN cannot guarantee the validity of each event and class listing. Use your own good judgment and discretion when seeking events/classes.