Tai Chi Classes

I got this information from Roh Mih of the Tai Chi Philippines Yahoo! Group.

  • UP Diliman, at the back of the Administration Building, Sundays, 7:00 - 9:00am. Look for Rudolph Petalver.
  • Quezon City Memorial Circle, Sunday mornings. Look for Mr. Elpidio P. Linsey. An elderly man, wearing traditional and colorful tai chi costume.
  • Rizal Park, at the back of the Quirino Grandstand. Look for the Luneta Tai Chi Club group. They are there every day of the week, mornings, except Sunday.
  • Alabang Town Center, Sunday mornings. Look for Mr. Jose Anonas. He knows Wu style 108.
  • Quezon City, Good Shepherd Convent (along Aurora Blvd beside LRT2 Katipunan station beside St. Bridget School), Thursdays 8:30-10am. The Care for Carers T'ai Chi - Qi Gong Ministry. Look for Sr. Jane Pineda or Ms. Delia Arcilla. They practice Shi Ba Shi Tai Chi Qi Gong, Dao Yin, 5 seasons Qi-Gong, tai chi 42, tai chi fan & dragon fan.
  • Bacolod City, at Oceanlight Import and Export, Magsaysay St., where the Tai Chi Circle of Bacolod provides free training. Contact Jose Uy Jr. at 434-7664 or Peter Yap at 0921-5680056.
  • Sports building near Harisson Plaza, Pasay City. Philippine Wushu Association
  • Naga City, at the Sto. Nino Memorial Park (San Lorenzo Ruiz Area), Balatas, Sundays, 6am to 8am. Look for Cecilio Barce or text +639195714499
  • Taguig City, at the Aeternum, The Park Estate Columbary. Look for Ms. Ingrid at tel. no. 6344135, or text her at 0922-898-2508 .

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Earl Spartan said...

Thank you Roh Mih and juniorland75 for the info :)

sarah said...

Taiji Classes starting on Nov 11, 2008 - Feb 10, 2009
For inquiries: call 404-3492
Look for Lily Millares

AM Classes: 7AM-8AM TThS
Basic 24 Steps Taiji Quan
Basic 16 Steps Taiji Jian (Sword)
42 Steps Taiji Jian
Taiji Kung Fu Fan (Part II)

PM Class: 6PM-730PM WF
Basic 24 Steps Taiji Quan

Anonymous said...

new taichi club call goldenmoon wushu club at sm moa sanmigel at d bay bldg a every saturday 7 to 9 am teacher betty sy instructor.

windboxer said...

i am teaching tai chi lesson in film center near sofitel hotel pasay city every saturday morning 8am to 9:30am. i share my knowledge in tai chi yang 24,40,42 and sun 73. hsing-i 5 elements fist, chigong like 8 piece of brocade silk, yi jin jing,silk reeling,tai chi ruler and zhang zhuang meditative standing. just call or txt me in 0928-3592763 or email me in renjiwu@gmail.com

windboxer said...

every sunday morning 8am-12nn there's a group of filipino who teach and practice traditional southern wu style small frame tai chi. near rizal monument luneta park in area with many trees.

Anonymous said...

any tai chi class schedule within valenzuela area? or nearest can be qc circle.. is there someone teaching tai chi still there? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Linsey is my sifu.I learned taichi and chang chuan from him many years ago. Im in the MidEast now and is still doing it. Sifu is a very good teacher with lineage going back to Li Jun Feng. Go and meet him at the QC circle every weekend.

jojo m.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys just want to ask if there's still a training of tai chi in qc circle is he still there?and if he is teaching for free?


Anonymous said...

how about in greenhills area?

Alessandra said...

How much does each session cost and where is it in Alabang? I'm from BF Homes so I guess this is the nearest to me.

Kevin Tang said...

Ateneo de Manila University also offers taichi and qigong during saturdays.

The schedule of the classes (Jan. 12 -- Mar. 16)

Taichi class: 500--630pm, Saturdays.

Qigong class: 630-- 800pm, Saturday.

Chinese calligraphy: 130--300pm.

The tuition is 2,200 for each class.

The enrollment is ongoing. Please contact 4266001, loc. 5208 and 5209, or 926-5118 for details

Thank you.

Ed Ramirez said...

Hi, Everyone -

Would you like to take your Taichi skills to the next level?

If your answer is YES, then mark your calendar on Saturday, February 23, 2013 for a very special event...

Here's why...

When Tai Chi masters hurl their opponents easily with almost effortless movement, these are not empty stories. These are actual skills that all of us can learn to do. Tai Chi Fa Jin is the ability to discharge tremendous force - like a speeding truck - that can hurl an opponent or shatter his bones and organs.

For so long, Tai Chi masters have reserved Tai Chi Fa Jin training for their more favored students while everyone else just learned the solo form and some Chi Kung exercises. When regular students asked their teachers how to develop this ability, the Tai Chi masters merely told them to practice harder and do the form in a much softer fashion. So, millions of practitioners worldwide never really learned the secret stuff behind Tai Chi.

So, why Saturday, February 23?

If you are a serious Tai Chi practitioner and would like to take your skills and abilities to the next level, then here's good news!

We've organized a series of workshops entitled "Secrets of Tai Chi Fa Jin". This is a rare opportunity to learn the
secrets that have been long kept from the public.

Secrets of Tai Chi Fa Jin
Level 1 - Building a Base and Structure
Date : February 23, 2013
Fee : PHP 1,600.00
Prerequisites: None

In this level, students learn how to develop the necessary foundation required to deliver Tai Chi Fa Jin.

Secrets of Tai Chi Fa Jin
Level 2 - Learning to Use the Kua and Torso for Power
Date : to be announced
Fee : PHP 1,600.00
Prerequisites: Level 1 workshop

In this level, students learn how to use their kua and torso for developing whole-body power.

Secrets of Tai Chi Fa Jin
Level 3 - Cracking the Whip
Date : to be announced
Fee : PHP 1,600.00
Prerequisites: Level 1 and Level 2 workshops

In this level, students learn the techniques and methods for releasing Tai Chi Fa Jin during contact with an

The workshop on "Secrets of Tai Chi Fa Jin Level 1" shall take place on on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at the
Seapreneur Training Center, 4th floor Travellers Life Building, TM Kalaw corner Mabini, Ermita, Manila (in front of the National Library).

The workshop series will be conducted by Master Chris Vogel who is also an international businessman, public speaker, and author. He has practiced Chen Tai Chi for over ten years and is part of the inner circle.

For reservations, contact Ed Ramirez at
09155252260 or 09122301160.

There is a discount of 25% for early bird payments made on or before February 21, 2013. Early Bird Registration: PHP 1200 to be deposited at BDO. (deposit details will be furnished upon call-in or text-in registration). Walk-in Registration: PHP 1600 at the entrance.

The training will start at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM, with a one-hour lunch break at 12:00 noon. You may bring your
own lunch or dine in nearby places.

Wear loose and comfortable attire for the training. Please bring pens and notebooks for taking notes. No cameras, videos, or recording devices are allowed.

See at the workshop! Please pass this on and spread the word...

Ed Ramirez said...

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Kevin Tang said...

Ateneo de Manila University now offers taichi and qigong during Saturdays.

The cycle 27 schedule: July. 6 -- Sept. 7,2013

Taichi class: 4:30--6:00pm, Saturdays.

Qigong class: 6:00-- 7:30pm, Saturday.

Venue: inside Ateneo Katipunan Campus.

Tuition: 2,200 for taichi/qigong class(1.5hrs/session. 10 sessions/cycle)

The enrollment is ongoing. Please contact 4266-001, loc. 5208 and 5209 for details.

Thank you.

mitzi said...

Hi! Is this ongoing? How do I contact Teacher Betty Sy? Thanks!



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