Where to buy a Tai Chi Sword in Manila

When I decided to buy my very first Tai Chi sword, I was imagining it to be magical -- just like when Harry Potter bought his wand. I kept saying to myself that the sword will find me and that it will be one of the happiest moments of my life.

So on a very humid Saturday afternoon, I walked the streets of Binondo, Manila. A friend told me that there is a shop called SAMYE marketing where they sell Tai Chi swords. He told me to look for Mang Ruben... and so I did. After a few hours walking with no sense of direction, I began to pray that Mang Ruben appear before me like an angel. Unfortunately the only thing that appeared before me is an orange peeling from one of the fruit carts in the market.

I was desperate to see the shop. But after more than 2 hours of walking, what I found is a place called Oversea Jewelry and Giftshop located in Salazar St. -- I came back to it after scanning the streets of Salazar and Masangkay once more in search for Mang Ruben.

Since I had come along way to Manila to buy a Tai Chi sword, I gave up my search for SAMYE marketing and got one from the shop at Salazar St. instead.

As I was walking, I passed by a small bookstore beside Xinhua Bookstore and realized that it could be Mang Ruben's store. I looked around (feeling a bit regretful that I didn't ask) while waiting to be assisted by a woman (who by the way turned out to be Ruban's wife!). I wasn't able to see the sword selection but I think they have better stocks. Also, they have a big selection of Tai Chi resource materials (which are all in Chinese) like magazines, books, and VCDs. The woman also mentioned that Ruben is also a practitioner so if I were you, check out their store and let Ruben assist you when buying for a sword.

I got lost because I asked the wrong people from the wrong streets. Silly I know. But I had to be lost for two things: First, so I could share with you now two stores, instead of one, which sell Tai Chi swords. Second,so I could remind you all to ask when you get lost!

The prices for the sword ranges between P1,200 to P1,500 (while the collapsible sword ranges from P250-P800). They also sell fans for P400-P450 each. Ask for a bargain because they are nice enough to offer you a good deal.

Here are the addresses:

SAMYE Marketing
(Beside Xinhua Bookstore),
Masangkay St., Binondo, Manila
> Look for Ruben Tang
> Simple store with CDs, books and magazines
about Tai Chi (in Chinese)

Oversea Jewelry & Giftshop
805 Salazar St., Binondo, Manila
Tel Nos: 241-4520/241-3316
Mobile Number: 0917-8331129
> Look for Jackson Hong

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Anonymous said...

uhm where do you study tai chi swords? im interested in studying and i cant seem to find any taichi sword schools here in the philippines... can u PLEASE help me.. and also im from laguna and it would be very helpful if u know anyone who can teach me that lives near laguna... thnks!

Alex said...

Me I have been thinking of studying this art but am having problems finding an instructor who is near in Malolos Bulacan. Also, was interested in buying a sword for practice. The two stores you indicated in your posts? Do they have a vast array of selection? I was looking at internet sites of sellers and found some nice items but they were high priced? Tell me the stores also have items of similar prices as the ones in the net?

Alex said...

Finally got my sword last year December 2008. Sorry for taking a long time to tell the readers of this. I have been using it for almost a year now and am very satisfied with it. What I did was I ordered online from http://superiormartialarts.com/cgi-bin/uniform/perlshop.cgi?ACTION=thispage&thispage=taichistraightsword2.html&ORDER_ID=253271673&affiliate=!affiliate! and bought the 82694- Jian Tai Chi Sword 30 inch. You will have to wait for a while though before you get it and be sure to check out the main post office now and then if it arrived already so that you can make proper arrangements to claim the item. Since having a teacher is advisable but my time and location do not allow its luxury, I studied 42 sword form by reading a book which I purchased from National Bookstore in Trinoma entitled Tai Ji Jian by Dr. Ding Bao Yu with the aid of video from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdJ_ByWgraE . I must say the video made it easier for me to comprehend the instructions outlined in the book. Now I am having a real like jian for use in my practice from http://sinosword.com/ProductShow/?p=Chinese-Straight-Sword-Forged-Functional-Jian . The particular page shows the type of jian I had them forged for me. I customized some of the fittings also. It will be looking better than the model shown on the page. Also, I had them use a special steel for the blade to make it very sharp suitable for real sword fight. This is to force me to increase my awareness of the presence of the blade while using it. It will be heavier than the first training jian I am using currently. You have to wait 35 days though for the completion of the sword construction. They said they will be sending a picture of the sword before they ship it to me. I'll tell the readers of its development. Right now, all I can say is that the person on Sinosword Mr. Yang is very accommodating to clarify things regarding the sword.

Alex said...

Hey, just received an email from La Dans Fitness shop at Broadway Centrum informing that they now sell Tai Ji swords and garmets which you may use in Tai Ji practice. I know some people out there are wondering where to buy good swords here in the Philippines, I'm however not sure of the quality of the items however I chose to post this message just in case anyone would be interested to come over heir place and take a look since I figure the items might be good and people may hen have a source of good weapon for practice unlike in the previous years where you can only have acquire good swords overseas. Anyway, if in case someone indeed decides to come over to the said store maybe he can take pictures and post them in this site so we can have a look see at the goods. :)

Alex said...

Me again... At last, my sword just arrived and it is beautiful. I also took some pictures of it. Please vie:


for pictures.

Also wrote something about my experiences in tai chi if anyone is interested please visit:


Alex said...

correction on the link on images of my custom jian:


Anonymous said...

hello, i am from sta.cruz laguna, i practiced several martial arts in the past. i did stop practicing due to health problems. according to what i have read, through self healing, tai chi can help and developed the system of human internal organs. If ever, its a big help for me... I will appreciate if you please help me to find a tai chi school in laguna or cavite with certified teacher. thanks a lot and more power...



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