Weekend Workshop at the Beach with Ed Sevilla

Arrive: Friday PM
Free time: 'til supper at 8:30PM
Workshop Proper: Saturday to Sunday
Free Time after Lunch: 'til 6:00PM

City dwellers need the knowledge, attitudes, skills and time to deal with stress as well as its negative effects.

A weekend to recharge, detoxify and learn (actually, to also enjoy the beach)

What we’ll deliver:
> Chi Kung learning through practice, lectures and interactions;
> Knowledge, attitudes and skills;
> Continuity of learning through take-home hand-out materials.

> A comfortable private beach house amidst a garden with swimming pool:
Couple’s room, male and female air-conditioned sleeping quarters (cushions or beds with fresh sheets. It’s a private beachhouse, not a resort, cozy rather than luxurious;
> Organic, nutritious and detoxifying diets;
> Fruit and vegetable juices;
> Vegan and Vegetarian (with eggs and dairy) dishes.

How much:
Air-con Quarters: PHP3,400/person
Alfresco Quarters: PHP2,950/person

Inquiries on Rates and others:
Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development
E-mail: Ciela_sarmiento@yahoo.com
Landline: 631-7989
Mobile: 0915-9021337 or 0920-9002626
Website: http://www.mtkalawinstitute.com/

Frequently Asked Questions:

> Does it work
> What can Chi Kung do?
> What will I learn?
> Workshop Schedule and Contents
> Intended Benefits from Joining & Practicing
> Chi Kung and Tai Chi
> Way to Enjoy the Beach
> About Organizers and Proceeds
> Workshop Teacher
> Transportation
> Accommodation & Facilities
> Food
> What if its raining
> Future Workshop Topics

1. Does it work?

Test of Time
Chi Kung is intrinsically a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. One of a Chinese doctor’s prescription since ancient times till today. It has not change since because it has worked for an intelligent people whose civilization is the oldest existing civilization on earth. Now even scientific medical practitioners use it as a complementary healing modality.

Scientific Researches
The practice of Chi Kung earned medical Researches showing its beneficial effects in:
> Lowering blood pressure
> Improving strength, mobility and endurance
> Relieving stress and improving nervous system
> Increase in the immune response (t-cells)
> Benefits chronic illness including cancer
> Improves posture and structural problems with back and spine
> Clears negative emotions and reduces anxiety
> Drops stress hormone
> Increases respiratory capacity

2. What can Chi Kung do?
>Resolve any health challenges
>Enhance any organic function

3. What will I learn from the Weekend Wellness Retreat?

1st. We’ll have a general overview of what we learned in the previous Weekend Retreat (as review for previous attendees and backgrounder for new attendees) as follows:
a. Assess the State of Your Chi:
> Harmonious
> Deficient, or
> Stagnant
b. Know the reasons why:
> Formula for inner harmony
> Inter-Linkages of universal life force with our own energy/chi system
c. Learn/Practice Chi Kung solutions:
> For managing stress/brain cleansing
> Revitalizing internal organs
> Improving Circulation

2nd. We’ll explore 3 of the 10 phases of Chi:

Phase 1: Discover Chi
“If one cannot obtain medicines one can live still to more than a hundred years of age, if one fully grasps the principles of Cultivating Chi and practices daily there is nothing that does not rely on Chi for life.” [Master Ge Hong, 4th Century C.E.]
a. How to find chi
b. The Characteristics of chi sensation
c. Exercise to Discover Chi: “Forming the Ball of Chi”

Phase 2: Gather Chi
“Gathering medicine means focusing consciousness within. Quite the mind, clam the emotions, cycle from movemenbt to stillness to complete the elixis." [Li Dao Qun, Took of Balance and Harmony, 13th CE]
a. Gathering chi through breath
b. Gathering chi through the chi matrix
c. Exercise to gather chi: “Gathering Chi from Heaven & Earth”

Phase 3. Circulate Chi
“The human body needs movement to balance right and left, to distribute and assimilate Chi, to circulate blood and fluids, to prevent disease and aging and to extend life." [Houa Tou, Renowned Physician 100 CE]
a. Circulation of chi & blood
b. Two ways to circulate chi: Quiescent & Dynamic
c. Exercise to circulate chi: “Inner Rivers Flowing”

4. Workshop Schedule

Day 1 PM
2-7:30 pm Arrival & Free Time
7:30-8:30pm Dinner
8:30-9:30 Lecture Exercise
9:30 Relaxation, Wash-up & Sleep

Day 2 AM-PM
6:30-7:00 Wake-up Call and Wash-up
7:00-8:30 Exercises withTalks
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:30-11:30 Talk & Exercise:
11:30-4:00 Lunch, Beach Time, Siesta, Merienda
4:00-6:30 Talk, Games, Discussions & Exercises
6:30-7:30 Supper
7:30-10:00 Talk, Games, Discussion & Exercises
10:00 Wash-up & Sleep

Day 3 AM
6:30-7:00 Wake-up Call and Wash-up
7:00-8:30 Exercises withTalks
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:30-12:00 Talk & Exercise:
Lunch Workshop Closing
Afternoon optional Free-time
5pm Final Departure

5. Intended Benefits from Joining & Practicing

> Dealing with Stress
> Improve Leaning, Productivity, Creativity & Performance
> Health & Healing
> Detox
> Enjoy the Beach
> Bond with kindred souls and/or with an specific companion

6. Chi Kung and Tai Chi
Often asked is, what is the difference. The answer is Chi Kung is the mother of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a specific kind of Chi Kung that is also a martial art.

By definition Chi in Chi Kung means energy or life force, an important concept in Chinese philosophy and medicine the state of which determines the condition of one’s health. And Kung in Chi Kung means a studied practice as an art or a discipline. Thus, Chi Kung is a body of knowledge and system of practice for enhancing and balancing the Chi.

Tai Chi literally is the “Grand Ultimate”, as symbolized by the “yin and yang” which represents balance and complementation as the highest achievement in a dualistic universe. As a martial art it is best described as “defeating a thousand pound with four ounces”, to describe an art that does not depend on strength, size or speed to win. As an application in daily life, it presents a third option to the limited choice of either submission or domination.

7. Way to Enjoy the Beach
In privacy with kindred spirits, without radios or mobile phones, with loosened muscles and oxygenated blood and brain . . . Let go, let loose and let be.

8. About Organizers and Proceeds
> MTKFSD http://www.maximokalawinstitute.com/
and its environmental programs shall be the beneficiary of the proceeds of this workshop.

> Still Mountain Tai Chi Kung Institute
The organization of Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher, Eduardo Sevilla propagating of art Tai Chi Kung as popular healing practice.

9. Transportation
If there’s a will, there are many ways:

a. Bring your own car.
If it’s a van or a 4 wheeler, it can go all the way in. (see map)
Otherwise, park you car in Binubusan, where we have arrangement with the neighborhood for guarding your car (we’ll give name to look for). And we’ll have transport to get you in.

b. Ride with us in a van.
Just pay additional PHP550, and your taken cared of, from a pick-up point in Metro Manila to the site and back.

c. Commute.
Buses from Lawton Plaza, FX from Metropolis, Alabang will bring you to Lian, Batangas for PHP 120+. Jeepney to Binubusan for P30. Tricycle to the Site (everyone knows Maan there) for PHP100 per trip for one/two people.

10. Workshop Teacher

Ed Sevilla
Tai Chi & Chi Kung Teacher

Teaching Experience:
a. Barangay San Lorenzo Village
b. Asian Development Bank
c. Warner Music Phils.
d. Dow Chemicals Phils.
e. Fitness First
f. De La Salle University

Training and Conference Participations:
a. Advanced Chi Kung Workshop
b. Advanced Reiki Workshop
c. Advanced Pranic Healing

Taichi Events and Conferences:
a. 2nd International Taichi Health Conference, Haikou, Hainan, China
b. 11th Asian Games, Beijing, China
c. 1st International Wushu Competition, Beijing, China
d. 1st International Wushu Festival, Hang Chou, China
e. Asian Wushu Competion, Myanmar
f. 2nd Asian Wushu Competition, Hong Kong

11. Accommodation & Facilities
It’s a beach house . . . enjoy
The place is designed for Maan’s family and friends. But, camps and workshops have been held there. People had a comfortable place to learn, enjoy, for days and achieve their objectives.

Not a hotel or resort, but like a clean and comfortable stay as house guest.

Step out into sprawling garden with a pool. Discuss under towering shady trees. Contemplate while walking along a quite beach. Enjoy the good fung shui of place perched with a mountain at its back and overlooking a gentle cove.

The place can accommodate:
2 couples air-con rooms with baths.
10 beds/cushions in two male/female room with baths.
11 beds/cushions in the alfresco loft with separate male/female baths.

12. Food
Enjoy without guilt delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian and juices. More so, remember your goal, to detox from pesticides and chemical ridden food.

Learn and experience that a healthy diet is a doable option.

13. What if its raining?
Just like ants, we move out during the rain into ample covered space, and move back after.

14. Future Workshop Topics
Learning Chi Kung and Tai Chi is like a discovering a Chinese puzzle box. As soon as we open the 1st box, we’ll discover a treasure and another box with more treasures.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi is a discipline of a life time.

15. Inquiries on Rates and others:

E-mail: Ciela_sarmiento@yahoo.com
Landline: 631-7989
Mobile: 0915-9021337 or 0920-9002626
Website: http://www.mtkalawinstitute.com/

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