XinYi LiuHeBaFa Quan, Push Hands, and Zhanzhuang Gong

LiuHeBaFa Quan is the Essence of the Internal Arts. It is the oldest known recorded internal martial art, approximately 2,000 years or older, depending on some researchers and archaeologists. Many internal arts today like Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and Xingyi, all come from LiuHeBaFaQuan. LiuHeBaFa Quan is the last of the closed door arts.

Starting this October (2011), a weekly health group will be conducted by Jose Rodriguez every Sunday at 6 am to 12 pm. He will be teaching XinYi LiuHeBaFa Quan, Push Hands, and Zhanzhuang Gong. The weekly Sunday group aims to promote health through martial arts. The program will help increase your strength and enhance your over-all well-being.

Jose "JR" Rodriguez is a student of David Chan (Chan Joe Kee) who comes from the LiuHeBaFa Quan lineage of Chan Yik Yan and Wu Yi Hui. His Zhanzhuang Gong lineage is directly from Wang Xiangzhai.

The average fee is P500.00 per session. You will be trained based on how receptive you are. For others, learning may take a few minutes and some may need a couple of hours.

For those interested in Tai Chi Applications, you may also contact Jose Rodriguez for details.

Contact: JR Rodriguez IV
8 Temple Drive, Green Meadows III, Q.C.

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Anonymous said...

master david told me that hes been with him for 30 yrs, if u want to learn REAL liuhebafa, learn from master jr.



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