Interested in Push Hands?

Regardless of your personal style (Bagua, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, etc.), come play push hands on Saturday mornings at the Greenhills Shopping Center, at the parking lot beside Gloria Maris.

I am a 15 year internal practitioner hoping to start a group where internal martial artists of any style can come together to practice free push hands with resisting but cooperative partners in a friendly, safe, and non-competitive environment. For those with no previous experience, I can teach a few basic patterns from which we can quickly progress to freestyle push hands.

- all internal martial artists are welcome
- all internal styles are welcome
- free style pushing is the main activity
- safety of participants is the top priority
- training is cooperative not competitive

Please remember to get in touch with me before you go to Greenhills. This group is still in it's infancy and there is yet no core group. Until such a core forms, I will be coordinating each meeting for interested participants.

I can be reached at pushhands.manila@gmail.com


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Steph Pagarigan said...

Hi is this still available in greenhills? Thanks!



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