Principles of Tai Chi Practice

Like we have been discussing on the chat box, knowing the forms step by step is not enough. One should also understand the form in its deepest sense through diligent practice and study.

To improve one's practice, read about the Principles of Tai Chi Practice. There are many resources available to know about the Principles of Tai Chi Practice.

Here's one site that Lex found online:

Six Principles of Hunyuan
Tai Chi Practice

During his introductory remarks, Grandmaster Feng discussed six basic principles of Tai Chi practice.

They were:

1. Gentle is better than forceful.
2. Slow is better than fast
3. High is better than low.
4. Long is better than short.
5. Curved is better than straight.
6. Single-weighted is better than

It may seem simple but there is more to it than you think.
To read more, visit Ocean Wave Tai Chi.

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