Invitation to Series I of Push Hands by Chris Vogel: Standing

Here's an open letter from Mr. Ed Sevilla:

Hi Tai Chi Warriors:

The Introductory Workshop of Tai Chi Push Hands by Chris Vogel at Dasmarinas Village last Sept 23 & 29 was very positively received based on the post workshop survey and its full participation.

Now, the Workshop Series continues for November 11 and 19, both Sundays from 10AM-3PM. As usual, the participants shall be limited to 14 people for each of the workshop dates. First come, first served.

Also, take note of the new venue which is the Wushu Federation of the Philippines Gym at the Rizal Memorial Complex in Manila. Take note also that this is now being conducted in cooperation of both the Wushu Fed and the work-in-process Tai Chi Union Philippines.

Hope you can make time for this rare opportunity to learn some tai chi concepts that are difficult to obtain even in China, Europe or the USA. This is our luck to have it available for us - our "yuan fen". Wish it would be your own "yuan fen".

Thanks and may the chi be with you,

~ Ed Sevilla
0917 5491949

To download the Push Hands Workshop brochure, please click the link below:

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